• Reducing our customers' total cost of ownership

    Reducing our customers' total cost of ownership  

    Achieving higher levels of maintenance predictability and execution excellence will allow drilling contractors to increase reliability and reduce costs across their rig fleet. We're committed to improving the total cost of ownership of rig equipment for our customers using advanced condition-monitoring services and technologies, such as Rigsentry™, MAX™, and in-situ inspection tools. Condition-monitoring programs target lower total cost of ownership by continuously certifying equipment, meaning our customers can keep their equipment in service until the equipment condition, and not a calendar date, dictates that repair is necessary. As the OEM, we know our products best, providing depth of expertise and service-focused delivery that goes beyond the expected and into the extraordinary.

    Our Rigsentry system is the industry's first and only system to be certified by both ABS and DNV-GL as approved for condition-monitoring services for drilling and subsea equipment. Not only do we understand the equipment better, we understand the data collected from it—and use that data to inform the creation of future predictive frameworks and to streamline recertification efforts. Additionally, we reduce the uncertainty around maintenance by taking much of the burden of planning away from our customers.

    Condition-monitoring programs provide our engineers with a formalized feedback loop for equipment field performance. Understanding how well the equipment works and clearly documenting issues and failures allows us to implement design improvements—both in retrofit upgrades and new capital equipment designs—that ultimately benefit our customers, allowing them to work more efficiently. Integrating this part of our business with the drilling contractors' business allows both of us to provide our end customers with maximum value while drawing on the unique value both parties bring to the table.

    Our condition-monitoring programs are already being implemented by several major offshore drilling contractors, on a fleet of more than 40 rigs. We continue to expand our capabilities, and look forward to offering additional products that reduce total cost of ownership as technology advances and our Big Data programs mature.